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Start your online business for FREE

You want to sell your products online, but do not know how to start?

As experts with long time of experience in the online business, we know how many difficulties happens during opening of your own online shop:


  • Few retailers who manage to open an online shop are skilled programmers - but anyone who wants to start their own online business needs basic knowledge of shop systems, shop designs and servers.

  • In such cases, you need a few software developers with different skills in different industries to do the job for you. But as you know, such developers are very expensive and the hour costs start from 60 €.

  • After finding the developers, you will need to wait 4-6 months or more for your first version of the store to be online. Even then, there will be many discrepancies and problems.

  • Only then can you start selling your products and usually your shop still needs improvements and bug fixes, which is time consuming and therefore brings many costs.



What do you get from us:

  • You get your own fully operational online store with integrated back-end system that allows you to fully manage your business from the time the items are delivered to your customer.

  • Own domain, mailboxes and hosting

  • Support and step by step instructions

  • Responsive and mobile friendly design

  • Multilingualism

  • SEO friendly page

  • Own e-mail address

  • Approximately usable in one week

  • Connection with social media


Advantages of the online shop:

  • 24/7 opportunity to sell, your online store is always open, which means that as a trader, you can earn money both day and night, as well as weekends and holidays.

  • Internet sales are not local, you can reach customers all over the country or even worldwide, and increase your sales many times over.

  • Many processes are automated, so you save a lot of time on sales and you do not have to be on-site all the time, but can work from anywhere.

  • In your online shop, you can offer an unlimited range of goods, without the need of retail space and thus save on rental costs.

  • Your customers can view your assortment of goods at any time and shop more frequently

  • Nowadays a modern company is no longer imaginable without an online presentation. If you want to successfully operate your business in the future, you have to present yourself online.